Software Solutions

NMS has provided software solution packages/ platform to several telecommunications service providers and enterprises in Vietnam.

Following are some of our software packages/ platforms:

Telco & Mobile Operators solutions:

  • Revenue Management Platform (Billing, Charging, Settlement)
  • Customer Management Platform
  • Product Management
  • Order Management/Provisioning System
  • Loyalty Management Platform
  • Value Added Platform (SMS Gateway, Service Delivery Platform)
  • Payment Gateway
  • Sale management & Revenue report platform

Online Education Platform:

  • Online lectures over video streaming
  • Online exam & evaluation
  • Direct interaction with teachers over chat (text, voice, video)

VR/AR applications:

  • Augment Reality Games & Apps
  • Virtual Walkthrough Apps (virtual museum, tourist sightseeing, Office/Apartment design & demo)

Cloud-Based Solutions:

  • Call center cloud solutions (based on Asterisk and Free Switch)
  • HRM/Timesheet Management