Top 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch Out for In 2021

Friday 11/09/2020 - 3:29

At present, the AI industry is growing at a rapid rate and provides ample development scope for organizations to bring the necessary transformation. Over the last few years, there have been several breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. However, only a few businesses have so far been able to apply those to achieve the necessary business goals.

In this article, we have summarized Top 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends to watch out for in 2021, the convergence of IoT and AI, reinforcement learning, and more. We hope it will help businesses in surging ahead with their AI Development.

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AI-enabled chips will boost performance

Regarded as the latest trend, AI-Enabled chips are expected to reach a revenue of US$91,185 million in 2025, a huge growth from US$6,638 million in 2018. AI-enabled chips will steadfast applications that require AI such as object detection, computer vision, facial recognition, natural language processing much faster.

AI for Cybersecurity and data breaches

Data will become more accessible, and so will be hacking, phishing attacks! Circa, 2021 and beyond AI and advanced prediction algorithms will play a decisive role in cybersecurity. AI would contribute to cybercrime prevention while enhancing enterprise cybersecurity measures.

AI-based monitoring for business processes

Hyper automation coupled with cognitive automation projects would penetrate more into a business helping them to integrate AI-enabled tools that redefine how business processes would function in real-time. AI-enabled process and content intelligence technologies in the years to come will provide digital workers with the imperative skills they need to deal with to automate natural language, reasoning, judgment, establishing context, and providing data-driven insights.

The Evolution of Data Highways

Data would grow by leaps and bounds, and for businesses to remain competitive, enterprises must seek to adopt advanced analytics, and adapt dynamic business models. They must establish specialist data science teams and rethink their overall strategies to keep pace with the competition.

Making way for IPA (Intelligent Process Automation)

Forrester estimates that about 25 percent of Fortune 500 companies want to invest and implement intelligent process automation (IPA) processes. IPA characterized as a cousin to RPA adds up to automate specific tasks with artificial intelligence. The more machine learning algorithms sort data, the more AI recognises it for intelligent processing. OCR technology is an instance where AI works with traditional RPA to read unstructured data stored in scanned documents. Expect to witness more AI-infused RPA wonders in 2021.

The scope of AI Development is diverse and varies on the basis of business needs. By suitably using these trends, firms can get real-time insights, carry out predictive maintenance, leverage accurate forecasts and a lot more. To get the maximum from AI incorporation, organizations must look into the latest trends and research to develop and implement the next best solution for their business.

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