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Salary: 13M -16M
Hà Nội


Salary: 500 $ - 700 $
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Why choose NMS?


  • Health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance according to the regulations of Goverment
  • Health care insurance NMS Care 24/24
  • Periodic health check once a year

Open environment

  • Comfortable, youthful office environment, “say no to drama”
  • Modern office, fully equipped, space with many green trees to inspire working
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, supportive boss and co-workers
  • Health and fitness club running weekly
  • Regular vacation and spring travel every year

Attractive Income

  • Competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and work experience.
  • Various bonus levels: Project bonus, holiday bonus, company’s birthday bonus…
  • Opportunity to consider salary increase 2 times/year based on capacity and work performance.

Development Opportunities

  • Internship positions or jobs that require training before becoming official: participating in free training programs, with allowances, opportunities to become full-time employees after completing training.
  • Specialist position: supported in training and testing necessary certificates for the job, rewarded according to achievements and given the opportunity to develop into other fields/fields

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