• Unable to manage IT assets
  • Failure to predict asset failure
  • Difficulties in security monitoring of branches


  • Expenses for recruiting IT personnel
  • Have no time and expense for IT personnel to update new technology
  • Inflexible to increase or decrease personnel from time to time

Benefits of
IT Managed Services

Save money

No fee to recruit or train, develop IT employees, monthly salary and bonus


Providing the scale and highly qualified employees with international certifications to suit the needs of the business

Expense Management

All costs are estimated in advance, which can be increased or decreased in accordance with the development of business


Enterprises do not need to create solutions or waste time to ensure data security


Concentrating human resources for business goals


Define specific SLAs, monthly KPI reports

Why Choose NMS?

More than 12 years of experience in IT Managed services for domestic and foreign enterprises

IT Managed Services

Technical troubleshooting support

• Remote support for IT issues
• Automatic upgrade of software patches
• Manage periodic data backups
• Hardware installation and support

Network and server management

• Check, evaluate network infrastructure, server
• Expert advice to improve Network performance
• Manage AD and access rights
• Remote troubleshooting

IT solution consulting

• Consulting on network and system design
• Cloud solution consulting
• Consulting on VoIP solutions

Software troubleshooting & support

• Technical support for application deployment
• Technical support for software troubleshooting

IT Outstaffing

• Network Administration
• Manage servers, databases, camera systems, signal networks.
• Update and upgrade the software when necessary or upon request

Service Process

Business Analytics

Advice on choosing the right solution

Agree on implementation plan



Recommendation and reporting

Featured Projects