The application of digital technology, innovation in production and the connection and sharing of information has created a big revolution in all industries and fields, including the financial and banking industry. The data-driven model builds a 360-degree panoramic view of customers, increasing opportunities for breakthrough development from technology.

Digital Wallet

  • Payment: Use e-wallets to pay bills for services and purchases such as electricity, water, movie tickets, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Transfer and receive money: E-wallets can transfer and receive money from e-wallet accounts to each other as well as from wallet to bank account or vice versa.
  • Storage: E-wallets can hold money in quite large quantities, making it easy for you to buy goods, receive payments, save money, etc.

Live Bank

LiveBank is an automated bank branch model, online transactions and self-service. LiveBank allows customers of banks to actively perform transactions without having to go to the transaction branch. Through ATMs and online tellers on the system, customers can make transactions directly at any time:

  • LiveBank operates non-stop 24/7 (including holidays)
  • Online customer support via video call with the bank’s customer service staff
  • Open an account and receive an ATM card within 5 minutes
  • Support all basic banking transactions: Online deposit/withdrawal, transfer, bill payment, loan card registration, credit card, insurance, account inquiry, PIN change, opening , finalizing the savings book…
  • Security with Biometrics Biometrics technology
  • OCR technology uses word recognition, reads images from ID/CCCD scans and automatically fills out information in the application form
  • Dual camera to identify living entities