Technology in the world changes every day and brings great potential and benefits. Businesses need to constantly innovate to match the general development trend to stand or create breakthroughs. Digital transformation is an irreversible trend, creating future businesses

Advantages of digital transformation solutions for businesses:

  • Process optimization
  • Product digitization
  • Increase customer experience
  • Increase employee experience


There are many problems that businesses often face for instance increasing office costs, broken work processes, underutilized resources, frequent damage to assets, etc. However, along with the development of technology, E-Office 4.0 was born to reduce the burden of administrative work and office operation by up to 90%.

  • Save 61% on office costs
  • Deploy administrative work easier
  • Optimizing the usage performance and lifespan of resources
  • Take advantage of opportunities to reach customers and expand your business

Face ID time attendance software

Through face recognition with images, NMS Face ID time attendance software allows to make time attendance quickly and easily right on smartphone. Overcoming the problems that fingerprint timekeepers cannot respond, NMS FaceID is an effective time attendance software and is preferred by many businesses in the current digital transformation period.

  • Time attendance online via smart phone app
  • Attendance according to working time
  • Automate the spreadsheet data
  • Monitoring attendance and working location

Chatbot automated messages

Using Chatbot as a professional employee supports up to 60% of the workload, thereby improving the customer experience, boosting sales and suitable for many other business types and fields

  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Automatical Selling
  • Tăng doanh thu bán hàng
  • Tiết kiệm chi phí nhân sự

Project management and control software

The management of work progress is very important, showing the productivity and quality of a work or a project. Therefore, project management and control software was born to help monitor the progress of your work and projects closely and effectively

  • Make a detailed plan according to each stage and specific goals
  • Check and evaluate your work efficiency with each criteria.
  • Track work progress through diagrams more easily and scientifically.
  • Nhà quản lý dễ dàng theo sát dự án và hiệu quả của nhân viên
  • Lưu trữ hồ sơ làm việc hiệu quả.

AI/IoT technology solutions

Outstanding Ai/IoT technology brings many applications to help people solve social problems, drive growth and enhance business performance even more in the future


  • Face ID time attendance solution
  • Solution locator watch for children
  • Solution to learn programming Stem

Virtual PBX

If the traditional PBX service has many limitations for businesses such as costly equipment and personnel, difficult to manage calls, VPBX is designed to help businesses solve the problem of costs. , how to make reasonable use of available resources and suport customer care

  • Save 50% on call charges
  • Free internal calls
  • Increase the quality of customer care
  • Smart call management
  • Sales breakthrough