Today, customer care and support becomes especially important in maintaining customer loyalty and raising brand awareness. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to help businesses form a professional customer care and support center (Call Center) in order to have the initiative, planning and Effective interaction with customers without spending too much time and effort.

Benefit of Contact Center

Save money

No investment costs, operating costs and personnel management, saving time to complete the Contact center apparatus

Increase revenue

Directly reaching the target customers, contributing to increasing sales opportunities for the Sales team to elevate the brand through an effective customer care and support process

Process improvement

By finding an important connection in the customer care process to simplify, increase coordination between individuals and optimize costs

Enhance customer experience

Unify all communication channels to create a seamless customer experience from all channels, providing a holistic picture of the customer journey

Why choose NMS?

More than 12 years of experience in Contact Center service for domestic and foreign enterprises


A full service that helps businesses focus on their core business.

Easy integration, from digital integration to CRM software or existing enterprise software.



Save 40% – 50% on call charges compared to using a regular mobile number or a fixed switchboard.

Customers do not lose costs to invest in the system, personnel, training,

Flexible cost packages according to needs

Risk management

Manage risk well by controlling online execution process and metrics

Flexibility to scale projects in phases without fear of business risks




Professional team is selected & well trained.

The process meets ISO 9001:2020, ISO 27001:2020 standards.

Equipment, infrastructure and systems are invested with standards to optimize service quality.

Contact Center


Customers get great service experiences from suppliers


Products and services are promoted and introduced in an impressive way to customers

Customer Survey

Save time, money and collect the best information to drive successful sales

Call center

Bring consistent customer experience across all brand touchpoints