What is Data Entry? Types of Data Entry in Viet Nam

Wednesday 11/09/2019 - 4:30

Data entry service is one of the most popular outsourced services by companies around the world. The challenge of companies in data entry often takes a lot of time, personnel costs and productivity is limited. The data entry service also helps companies manage special projects and seasonal workloads without having to expand their staff or hire temporary employees. Data entry projects are unique to every company’s needs and can vary from data processing to data tagging, from data copying to data digitization, etc.

What is data entry?

Data entry is the converting specific data types into computers or any other electronic devices with software. Data entry helps convert the format of the information, the information is converted in the desired format. These formats include handwritten documents, spreadsheets, numerical codes, etc. Sometimes, the conversion of important information requires high accuracy skills, requiring the input team to have good expertise to get correct input.

In large companies with high data processing demand, they often outsource data entry. Sometimes the data entry of sensitive information or documents is highly confidential. In this case, companies need to sign confidentiality agreements with companies that provide external data entry services.

Types of input services

The two main types of data entry services are Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry. The biggest difference between the two types of data entry services is that online data entry requires internet use while offline data entry does not.

With offline data entry, businesses that provide data outsourcing will usually send the processed files later to customers or simply transfer them to directories, archives or databases. Some offline data entry tasks include filling out offline forms. Other tasks include digitizing data from paper format to digital format.

Online data entry is the process of inserting information while using an internet connection. Data entry groups need to process, import, edit or update online databases. Some key ways of online data entry are to insert product information on e-commerce websites, fill out online forms, annotate and tag online data, tag images, CRM updates, etc.

Currently, in Vietnam, the form of outsourcing data entry companies is increasingly popular, especially online data entry. Professional data entry processes provide significant support for businesses to ensure business continuity, saving time and money and bringing a high competitive advantage in the market.

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