Step-By-Step Of Software Outsourcing Process

Monday 22/06/2020 - 2:49

A normal software development project can take a lot of money, time and many highly skilled developers. However, just some business that starts a software development project has all of that in mind. Choosing a software outsourcing solution is not a bad idea. Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam will fully meet your business requirements. The following article shares your business with software outsourcing process to ensure your business achieves the value that it is looking for.

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Some factors before choosing outsourcing software

Software outsource process in VietNam

Software outsource process in VietNam

Budget: Do you have enough budget for this software development project? Cost savings are always a big problem, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Main developers: If you have software developers in your office and they don’t have any projects, let’s invite them to new software projects. But, if they are too busy with different projects then you should outsource the software. How do your software projects need specialized developers? For example, they may be proficient in web user interfaces, mobile applications, or API development, but not something else you may need. If that is the case, then outsourcing software developers may be a good choice.

Step-by-step process of software outsourcing

Here are the steps to guide outsourcing software

software_outsource in VietNam

Software outsource process in VietNam

Step 1: Define goals and project development roadmap

You know your project well more than anyone, therefore present your project about goals and roadmap in a short way so that the outsourcing partner understands and does exactly what you ask.

Step 2: Research appropriate software outsourcing countries

The next step is to find out which country has the strengths of outsourcing solutions. Southeast Asia maybe is a good choice. Southeast Asia software solutions companies possess highly skilled personnel and competitive costs. You need to pay attention to the quality of personnel, costs, especially the time zone for convenient work exchange.
To make it easier to find outsourcing countries, you can search Google: “best outsource software development companies” and select the area you want. Google gives you a list of about 5-6 companies, you should learn each company through their website, especially their projects.

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Step 3: Contact the outsourcing company

In the next step, you need to contact the companies you reviewed in step 2.
However, now is probably the hardest part when it comes to the right hiring process. Receive your phone or email and start contacting the development agencies you selected in the previous step. At this stage, it is important to clearly communicate your goals and requirements to the project to ensure that you are at the same wavelength as the outsourcing software development agency.
Ask them about their workflow, the technology they’re using the IT solutions they’re using, their management experience and most importantly if they have any projects similar to yours and it has been How does it work.

Step 4: Choose the best outsourcing company

Based on the research and interviews you have done, you should place your agreement on paper (or an electronic version). Some of the important documents you may want your outsourcing software developer to sign are:
SLA (Service Level Agreement) – This document indicates project requirements, meeting time, and reporting.
SRS (Requirements and software specifications) – In this document, you should list all requirements and specifications for your software project.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) – They are used as a kind of evaluation point for different project phases.
NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) – Unfortunately, in a world where data theft has become a rule, you need some legal way to protect your data and projects, so Please make sure the company you are hiring signs this.
Now you just need to communicate well in the project and track its progress over time to see where it is at the moment and to make sure it is on the right track.