Why Vietnam for outsourcing software development?

Thursday 21/03/2019 - 5:07

Deciding to outsource your software development project means you need to recaculate your expenses, consider pros and cos and decide where to find the most qualified-appropriate specialists to outsource. If you choose about outsourcing software in another country, we have something you might be interested in, a country with one of the best developers worldwide and one of the most competitive prices of services – Vietnam. We have a statistics and numbers that will speak for themselves.

1. Dynamic Economics and Stable Politics

With a robust economy, that has an unbelievable growth rate; Vietnam is considered to be a dynamic nation with great outsourcing potential. It is now suggested as a legitimate nation under one roof. In the early 21st century, Vietnam was the safest country to travel in Asia. In recent years, many Vietnam’s policies have been implused its economy for more foreign investment, especially in IT industry to capitalize on globalization

2. Young Population

Vietnam Age structure and Population pyramid

Half the population of Vietnam is under 30 years of age, born after the Vietnam War. They’re optimistic, intelligent and well-educated. Vietnam has abundant labor resources. The number of people looking for job is very high. The young generation of skilled workers is highly motivated and technologically advanced.

3. High development skills

Why Vietnam for outsourcing software development

Vietnam developers are one of the world’s top-qualified

Vietnam developers are one of the world’s top-qualified. Most Vietnamese students are well-educated Vietnamese students, focusing on studying mathematics and technologies that support the IT industry. Many Vietnamese expatriates previously worked as programmers and engineers in the West. Now, they’ve returned home as facilitators. It is easy that they help overcome cultural and language barriers for the use of Vietnamese software developers as outsourcing partners.

4. Language

Although English-language skills of the Vietnamese as “Moderate”, it’s improving in the future, especially among the younger population. Most engineers can usually read and write English; therefore, written communication is an effective collaboration tool. However, the Vietnamese often speak with a heavy accent which can be difficult to understand over VoIP.

5. Low Cost

Why Vietnam for outsourcing software development

Save money with outsourcing software in Vietnam

Among Asia countries, outsourcing to Vietnam is recognition as a low cost quality software market. Outsource to Vietnam is about 90% cheaper than developing software in the United States of America and up to one seventh times cheaper than India. These are very impressing figures for companies to start venturing their offshore development to Vietnam.

6. Similar Culture

Besides traditional cultural, Vietnam is a country with cultural similarities with many countries in the region especially China, Japan, Thailand, etc. The similarities are expressed in customs in the family, food, festivals, etc. In recent years, Vietnam has actively participated in the globalization trend of the world so that the Vietnamese culture has the interference of Western culture. It is neccesary that cultural similarities among countries are very important in business activites.

All of the above reasons are good reasons for a foreign company to choose Vietnam to outsourcing software development. There is no denying that the market share in software outsourcing development is more and more extend. Vietnam is quickly emerging as a software outsourcing points.