Java/C Developer

Wednesday 17/06/2020 - 11:35

Job description:

• Develop network interfaces according to RFC, 3GPP standards and standards that have descriptive documents
• Correlate single messages, single events into data streams, event streams, and high-speed services of networked sessions
• Process backend for web systems on detection, abnormal warnings, frauds and cyber attacks. 
tuyển java

Java/C Developer


• Competitive income: $ 500 – $ 700
• “NMS care” insurance exclusively for NMS employees.
• Vacation: According to the company’s policy (May-June every year).
• Have the opportunity to be considered for a raise 2 times a year, depending on the outcome.
• Modern and friendly working environment.
• The policy for employees complies with the “Labor Code” in Vietnam.


• Experience in Java coding (Fresher students only need code experience in the field)
• Knowledge of the Design pattern.
• Experience in working with database systems. – Priority for you who have experience with MySQL, NoSQL, Redis, Kafka, MongoDB, ElasticSearch

Place of work: Hanoi


Contact to: Ms Thu

Tel: 024 7300 8555 – Ext: 5000

Mobile phone:0963034520