Machine Learning

Wednesday 17/06/2020 - 2:14

Job description:

• Participate in projects that apply artificial intelligence in the field of network security, develop security solutions to detect network attacks.
• Join the team in interesting contests about AI on Kaggle.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning


• Competitive income: 600 $ – 1000 $
• “NMS care” insurance exclusively for NMS employees.
• Vacation: According to the company’s policy (May-June every year).
• Have the opportunity to be considered for a raise 2 times a year, depending on the outcome.
• Modern and friendly working environment.
• The policy for employees complies with the “Labor Code” in Vietnam.


• Proficient in one of the following languages: Golang, Scala, Python Proficient in one of the following languages: Golang, Scala, Python

• Over 1 year of programming experience in 2 of the following technologies: MapReduce (Hadoop, Spark, Flink), Queue processing (Kafka, Redis, ReditMQ, …), Workflow (Oozie, …), Concurrent programming (Akka, Go channel, …)

• Over 1 year of project experience related to one of the following machine learning technologies: SVM, Decision tree, Deep learning for computer vision, Reinforcement learning

• Prioritize:

o Over 1 year experience in document data processing, in-depth processing, featured data extraction algorithms featured in NLP

o Over 1 year of experience working with big data: over 60k event per seconds or over 10GB per day.

o Fluently using data structures: Array, Set, HashMap, Linked List, …; And the basic algorithm: sort, search,…

o Understand the software development process, good coding skills, grasp the coding convention, (Behavior Test & Integration test is an advantage)

o Work competently on Linux environment

o Fluency in git

o Experience in working with MicroServices, CICD, Docker projects is an advantage

o Experience in working on Agile-model projects is an advantage

Place of work: Hanoi


Contact to: Ms Thu

Tel: 024 7300 8555 – Ext: 5000

Mobile phone: 0963034520