Happy Women’s Day

“A world without women would be as bland, as dull as a play without conflict, like a cake without filling, like an anecdote without wit.” Women are often compared to flowers, each flower will have a different beauty and nose. There are sweet and warm women, while there are strong and strong women. But no matter which way it radiates, the beauty of a woman is still a constant, unchanging for thousands of years. March 8 is a special day where the Company and Trade Union give all their love to NMS roses. A program full of pink colors carefully prepared by the company’s brothers. The sisters received meaningful gifts, participated in special programs and attractive prizes. Ms. Nguyen Minh Hoa – Call center employee shared: “The whole day I experienced from one surprise to another. I was even more touched when I saw that the company’s brothers were very skillful in adding fruit, write cards, wrap gifts and organize for our sisters/brothers. Really, I’m very grateful to you guys for making March 8 so meaningful.” On the occasion of March 8, the Company and Trade Union would like to wish NMS sisters a very happy and warm holiday. Take a day to reward yourself by doing what you love and remember that no matter what your circumstances, always be the brightest version of yourself!
* Let’s take a look at some special images on International Women’s Day 8/3


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