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Python Developer

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Job description:

  • Design and develop high-performance backend API service and daemon
  • Experience in working with statistical analysis systems, bigdata, nosql, spark
  • Maintain a high-quality robust codebase
  • Actively research and apply new technology, new toolset


  • Salary upto 2.500 USD
  • Review 2 times/ year
  • Opportunity to work in a professional, modern and dynamic environment
  • Opportunity to get on-job training and promotion
  • Opportunity to onsite in Japan ( short term: 2-3 months without Japanese; long term: > 1 year)
  • Good company culture with in/out of office activities that help to develop candidate’s ability and creativity
  • Health care and social insurance – “NMS care”


  • Experience in working with Python for 1-2 years.
  • Good understanding about asyncio, coroutine, GIL, regex, context manager,..
  • Experience working with MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Have knowledge of OOP, RESTful, Design Patterns
  • Have experience in working with Websocket/AMQP/MQTT is a great plus
  • Experience in working on Agile model projects
  • Ability to work teamwork as well as work independently
  • Can work under high pressure on deadlines as well as product quality
  • The ability to be well and proactive in work, has a high sense of responsibility to complete the assigned work

Place of work: 3A Floor, My Dinh Plaza, 138 Tran Binh, Hanoi


Contact to: Ms Huyen

Tel: 024 7300 8555 – Ext: 5000

Mobile phone: 0338 323 955/ 0969709429

Skype: huyenthu.hr

Email: huyenlt@nms.com.vn

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Type of work:


Salary: 13M -16M
Hà Nội


Salary: 500 $ - 700 $
Hà Nội

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Salary: 13M -16M
Hà Nội


Salary: 500 $ - 700 $
Hà Nội