Technology Help Companies Stay Compliant During COVID-19

    Ways that an enterprise can leverage technology — quickly and with a minimum of pain — to mitigate some of the impacts that COVID-19 has created. Especially in the areas of risk management and regulatory compliance. Here are some examples where certain technology solutions are being applied to battle back the effects of the outbreak […]

  • Remove Management Software

    The best ways to use Remote Management Software

    With companies always looking for ways to save money, many are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to outsource their IT needs. For companies that are considering this move, it can greatly increase both productivity and profit. Definition of  Remote Management Software Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, as the name implies, is a software […]

  • Tips for Avoiding Key Software Flaws

    Tips for Avoiding Key Software Flaws

    All software has defects, especially in today’s complex code with thousands of lines that have to be worded just so. Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is aware of this dilemma. After much deliberation, the group gathered its thoughts in a paper, “Avoiding the Top 10 Software Security Design Flaws.” IEEE mentioned that many of the […]

  • virtualization software development

    Benefits of Virtualization in Software Development

    The concept of virtualization has been rightly adopted and accepted in the software development community. It provides faster development and test mechanisms by creating development and test environments rapidly. The most commonly used technology is VMware, which enables multiple users to run on different operating systems, versions and instances. Most of the software development giants […]

  • technology trends 2020

    Technology trend for 2020

    To create the right software solutions that help businesses grow, developers need to continuously learn in an age that is marked by the arrival of new technological and software development trends almost every day. To help you stay abreast of the latest advancements, we explore some amazing trends in custom software development that are most […]

  • Hyperscale Cloud

    Hyperscale Cloud Optimization and Customization

    Nowadays, as enterprises move from on-prem to hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, they are looking to managed and cloud service providers to help them address security, data protection, disaster recovery, and other important services that hyperscalers ignore. Build an ecosystem of service providers you can work with to address different needs. We’ll give you an example. We […]

  • Software Outsourcing in VietNam

    Main types of Software Outsourcing VietNam

    Based on research about “IT funtions outsourced worldwide 2017” – it was revealed that web development and application development were the most commonly outsourced IT function. Therefore, Software outsourcing services is, indeed, playing a important role in driving the continued growth of the global IT outsourcing business. What is a software outsourcing company? A Software […]

  • Outsoucing software VietNam

    Step-By-Step Of Software Outsourcing Process

    A normal software development project can take a lot of money, time and many highly skilled developers. However, just some business that starts a software development project has all of that in mind. Choosing a software outsourcing solution is not a bad idea. Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam will fully meet your business requirements. The following article shares your […]

  • digital-banking

    Top Reason Banking Should Outsourcing Software Solutions

    Nowadays more and more banks and financial institutions outsource software solutions. Why did it become such a “hot” service? What are the advantages of outsourcing software solutions for your bank? There are some excellent benefits to integrating outside IT professionals into your projects. The following article will answer this question. Save Money Reduce IT and […]