• web development

    Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know

    Web development is a huge field, with a lot to learn. It can be overwhelming to decide what to spend your precious time learning. But there are some core skills that you can count on. These ten skills will improve your website building and streamline your workflow. CSS The power of cascading style sheets (CSS) […]

  • iot security

    Simple Ways to Improve IoT Security

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is ubiquitous, it’s incredible, it’s convenient. But with the proliferation of this technology comes an ever-increasing amount of risk exposure. According to a report compiled by F-Secure, attacks via IoT devices had increased by 300% in 2019 alone. Here are Simple Ways to Improve IoT Security. Security Starts with Product […]

  • Guide To Outsourcing Software Development

    Guide To Outsourcing Software Development

    Over the last few decades, software development outsourcing has experienced tremendous growth. Around 64% of all companies now outsource their entire development process! In this article, we’ll introduce some Guide To Outsourcing Software Development. What Is Outsourcing Software Development? In this type of outsourcing, a company hires a third-party service provider to handle their software […]

  • software outsourcing vietnam

    Pros and Cons of Business Process Outsourcing

    The popularity of business process outsourcing (BPO) has increased over the past decade or so. Now, businesses are feeling safer and more confident to achieve their targeted goals with the help of third-party servicing agencies. Before you decide whether BPO is right for your company, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons. And […]

  • AI technology agriculture

    The 5 Most Amazing AI technology in Agriculture

    The agricultural community is behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies. There is lots of evidence that farmers are actually moving quite quickly to modernize almost everything about the farming process — they’re using artificial intelligence in new and amazing ways to bring the process of food cultivation into the future. Variable […]

  • Why outsourcing mobile app development?

    Most people are surprised to know this fact that WhatsApp is a product that came out of app development outsourcing. WhatsApp was originally a company based in the US and is now owned by a company – Facebook – that’s also based in the same country. But the initial part of its development was outsourced […]

  • Outsourcing Web Development

    Tips for Outsourcing Web Development

    Building a website can become an ordeal for an experienced entrepreneur, let alone a beginner businessman aiming to get their startup off the ground. To save themselves much bother, time, and money, more and more entrepreneurs opt for web development outsourcing. It is very hard to find out the perfect outsourcing partner for you. To […]

  • web design vietnam

    How to Successfully Outsource Web Design?

    Over the world, there are a lot of companies to decide outsourcing web design. Businesses across a variety of industries are outsourcing every day to partners offering a range of services and manufacturing facilities. Look at Apple and their manufacturing plants in China, Korea, Taiwan and even Mongolia to see a trend. Apple is not […]


    Best Mobile App Development Outsourcing

    64% of IT leaders outsource development, and 37% of companies expect to increase their mobile app outsourcing capabilities over the coming years. For businesses leaders, entrepreneurs, and bootstrapped startups, mobile app outsourcing can cut costs, increase efficiencies, and create competitive advantages that drive profitability. In this article, we’ll talk about best mobile app development outsourcing. […]